The Art of Story-Telling in Content Marketing!

We all know that “Content” plays a significant role during promotion of a brand , movies, product, company, event and more. In simple terms, how a song now needs a rapper for their songs to top the charts of trending songs in similar context content acts as a rap for promotion. Well we have understood the importance of content but in this cloud of so … Continue reading The Art of Story-Telling in Content Marketing!

Online Streaming-Fatal or Frivolous?

During Compact Disk, Digital Versatile Disk and Torrents era, we never realized that accessing songs, videos, movies and various other contents will be that easy and enjoyable with a single click. Media service providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Hulu and many other online streaming apps and websites offers online streaming of various genres of films and TV programmes inclusion of production-in-house contents just on … Continue reading Online Streaming-Fatal or Frivolous?