Pattaya- A place to Relax, Pamper and Create Memories

Pattaya is known as the resort city in Thailand situated on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand and about 100 kilometres south-east of Bangkok. Its history depicts that it was a fishing village until 1960. It gained its name from “the march of Phraya Tak (Later King Taksin) and his army Ayutthaya to ChantthaPuri. During Vietnam war, Americans servicemen stayed in U-Tapao in … Continue reading Pattaya- A place to Relax, Pamper and Create Memories

Krabi- A place for aquatic lovers!

Krabi (Thesaban mueang) is a land of beautiful and the most amazing Islands situated on the west coast of Southern Thailand belong to province of Krabi at the mouth of River Krabi and empties in Phang Nga Bay(a 400km square bay in the Strait of Malacca between the Island of Phuket and the mainland of the Malay Peninsula of Southern Island). This place attracts adventurers … Continue reading Krabi- A place for aquatic lovers!

Robots- Its type and Application

With the advancements in Robot generation, Robots are being categorized into various industries and have different application.These sectors are now using Robots to increase efficiency and reduce time. They too want to reduce human efforts specially on tricky works. So, let’s see what the different type of Robots are used in various sectors. Note: This division of Robots is based on their application. Here is … Continue reading Robots- Its type and Application

Robots- History and its Milestones

  I am sure you must have watched iRobot, Big Hero 6 etc. These are the movies who basically showed us the future. Soon Robots will become our companion, you will be seeing them in service sector, industrial sector, in households, commercial platform such as handling Online Reputation Management and more. They will be covering every industry now. However we don’t need to worry since … Continue reading Robots- History and its Milestones

Artificial Intelligence-What is it and it’s significance!

We often hear this term Artificial Intelligence and try to relate with robots or human intelligence. But what exactly artificial intelligence means lets dig out deeper in this regard. Let’s break down these artificial intelligence in two parts: “Artificial” and “Intelligence”. Artificial can be pointed towards Machine and Intelligence can be pointed towards programming. Putting programming which includes all the intelligence or work i.e. Mundane … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence-What is it and it’s significance!

A trip to Dubai

Dubai is a wonderland where you can see impossible things converting into possible. It is a place where there are man-made Islands on sea, 160- storey skyscraper, world’s tallest hotel and many more. One would see audacious architecture, spectacular skylines, obsession with fashion, style and flourishing contemporary art scene. So on one side you’ll see the most architectural city and on the other side you’ll … Continue reading A trip to Dubai

About Me!

My name is Meetali Ohri. With the name suggests I am amicable, self-motivated and love meeting new people, interact with them gain knowledge from their experience, love helping people, encourage them to do the best in their life, a learner and like to do things in a different way i.e. a trend setter. I have pursued PGDM in Marketing, I chose marketing since it does … Continue reading About Me!