Online Streaming-Fatal or Frivolous?

During Compact Disk, Digital Versatile Disk and Torrents era, we never realized that accessing songs, videos, movies and various other contents will be that easy and enjoyable with a single click. Media service providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Hulu and many other online streaming apps and websites offers online streaming of various genres of films and TV programmes inclusion of production-in-house contents just on … Continue reading Online Streaming-Fatal or Frivolous?

Chatbots For Your Business

Suppose you have a business which is doing great offline, you are receiving amazing amount of responses and sales. Few of your customer suggested to you go online which would make it easier for them to transact with you and would stay connected with you. You agree with them and has shifted your business to online as well. Now you are noticing that customers are … Continue reading Chatbots For Your Business

Yoga On Travel-A Wonderful Combination!

Travel takes us to a different world. We get busy in watching beautiful scenic view, capturing it for memories and have that wishful thinking of staying there forever and never come back. Travel not only rejuvenate us but also gives us different lessons and experiences. And what if we add a healthy medicine to it like Yoga. It would make our journey more healthy, enjoyable … Continue reading Yoga On Travel-A Wonderful Combination!


Hey Guys! I am back with another blog in regards to Robot, however this time its “ChatBot”. So what do you think what Chatbot is? A talking Robot? The answer to your question is “Chatbot” is a software program that interacts with people on a real time basis. Chatbot is used generally by various businesses and maximum time is used by B2C business to provide … Continue reading Chatbot

Saputara- A Land of Lake, Hills and Beautiful Gardens

Saputara is one of the beautiful gem of Gujarat situated on the Maharashtra-Gujarat border and comes under Dang District. It is a mixture of hills, lakes, gardens, points, national park and adventure spot. Let’s take a look at its history, according to mythological belief Lord Ram spent 11 years in exile in Saputara therefore its been considered as one of god’s place of existence. Saputara … Continue reading Saputara- A Land of Lake, Hills and Beautiful Gardens