It's Self-Quarantine Time!

Hello there! It’s a crucial time for us as well as a test too of knowing how supportive can we be during such hard times of COVID-19. Let us pray for the people who are suffering from this disease for their speedy recovery and mourn for the people who lost their life. I am sure together we can beat this virus so please stay at home and save lives.

Well during this time of quarantine, we have ample amount of time to take up one of our hobby, focus on our health, upgrade new skills etc. No doubt staying at home is boring but how about we ourself make it interesting?

Here’s the list of 10 things that can make your quarantine endurable and enjoyable:

Health is Wealth: Take a step towards setting up a workout routine for yourself. Make youtube your best friend and achieve your fitness goals that you always wanted to. One can follow Fitness Blender, Popsugar fitness, blogilates and various other individual fitness trainer channels that will help you develop your workout plan as well as diet plan too. And in fact there are various other fitness app that one can add up if they like.

Upgrade your skill: Learn something new! This is really an amazing time to do online courses that you have been waiting for and due to lack of time you couldn’t take up.

Focus on having healthy diet: Your workout require a healthy diet and healthy you, so concentrate on having diet that suits you as well as your support your workout. There are various app where in you can track your calorie intake and also various experts are registered to guide you with best diet for example HealthifyMe, GOQii, Noom, healthy food, fitness, yoga etc.

Reading: Wonderful time to read the book that has been in your bucket list from past so many months or years.

Content Creation: Superb time to create content that you have planned for but couldn’t do it due to lack of time, also a great time to analyze which of your content did well which couldn’t reach up to your expectation plus where you can improve.

Family time (if you’re quarantining with your family by your side): Spend these days with your family, resolve conflicts if any, listen to them, understand them and enjoy with them.

Self-Introspection through Meditation: What a beautiful time to take care of your mental health, to understand yourself, to spend time with yourself (MeTime) reducing stress, tension, anxiety etc by meditating. Meditation is the best tool to calm yourself, relax your mind and take a break from the material world to the world of reality, spiritualism and knowing yourself in a deeper manner.

Watch informative documentaries or read about your role model or the person you admire: Exceptional time to gain knowledge by watching some good documentaries or maybe read about the person you admire the most or about a famous personality, get to know their struggle stories, learn something from their life stories and get inspired.

Pursue one of your hobby: Maybe playing guitar has always been your hobby, then play it and learn more about your musical instrument, explore and enjoy. If singing is your hobby, or writing a book or so then don’t think go ahead.

Enjoy and Value this time: I know everything has stopped suddenly but I think we should use this time to relax ourself and also to let nature breathe for sometime atleast. Don’t worry this is temporary and it will pass. So sit back and enjoy!

People working from home can also try some of these, you deserve it!

Hope you’ll like this blog.

See you with the next!

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