Mental illness-An issue to take care of!

We often hear about so called “Mental Illness”. What is it? And reason behind its increasing rate as well as people becoming victim of it?

Let’s get to know what’s “Mental Illness”?

So according to American Psychiatric Association, “Mental Illness are the health conditions involving changes in emotions, thinking and behavior (or a combination of these). Mental illness are associated with distress and/or problems functioning in social, work and family activities.”

Examples include anxiety, depression, eating disorder, addictive behavior and more. On the occasion of Mental Health Day 2018, WHO released a report saying India is the most depressed country in the world!  Scary isn’t it? According to the report, 6.5% of Indian Population suffers from some form of serious mental issue/illness. Reports also mentioned that mental illness leads to “death”, yes you heard it right ‘Death’!

And In India the number of suicides recorded pointed towards people taking such drastic step falls below age of 44 years. Though there are treatments for mental illness but the number of psychiatrist, therapist are not good in number. This suggest that this is a situation to worry!

But why people are getting prone to this particular illness? What’s the reason behind such dangerous problem?

According to health direct, The possible causes of mental illness are genetic factors, other biological factors, trauma and stress, drug and alcohol abuse and personality factors that includes low-self esteem, inferiority complex etc. But do you really think  only these causes are responsible for such critical issue? I don’t think so, People are getting into depression, they have anxiety attacks, changes in moods, behaviors, low enthusiasm because of all other factors too and that is:

Unemployment or Lack of Opportunities: People who have great degrees are unable to find a job or I would say likable job! They don’t find right opportunities and often feel that they are not deserving. Another factor comes up when their friends have a job and they don’t! A feeling of competitiveness, jealousy and various other feelings runs inside them.

Work Culture: This is one another factor that plays key role in increasing this issue. With the private companies have taken up quite a responsibility with a promise to provide job and as the number of companies increasing with increasing competition, the work environment is becoming ruthless and aggressive day-by-day. With increased stress and targets people don’t enjoy their work but are getting frustrated and this frustration they takes to home, thinking about it every minute and getting into depression.

Social Circle: With increased number of privacy, people often don’t get open to people or interact which tend to live a life of a loner. ‘Loneliness’ is one big issue that leads to mental illness. The number of people you are interacting is equal to less chances of you falling into depression.

Traumas and Incidents: People who are victim of sexual abuse, domestic violence or any incident that puts negative effect to their individuality puts them into the position of mental illness.

Social status: Now People often want to get respected and followed by other individual because according to them such thing increases their social status. Really? Is it always about respect or to show off? With such feeling in mind, they work their ass off to get the most luxurious stuffs like luxurious cars, house and much more, the list goes on..! Another factor is competitiveness with either friends or neighbors or “Colleagues”! Funny isn’t?

I am sure there must be various other reasons that I haven’t covered. But I am sure these are top few reasons that can lead to mental illness.

There are various treatment for mental illness or if you don’t want to spend money on such treatments so why not self-healing or self-treatment. To get rid of such feeling of negativity:

  1. Spend a good time of doing what you love.
  2. Do yoga. It consists of continuous breathe in and breathe out along with asanas.
  3. Do not over think! Over thinking often leads to a lot of negative thoughts.
  4. Just stay relax and cool.

The life is like a wavelength, bad situation will come and go, but trust me taking care of yourself is the most satisfying thing you can ever do!

Well I will now end this blog with a positive feeling of you taking care of yourself and most importantly self-belief.

Thank you for reading this and investing your time.



2 thoughts on “Mental illness-An issue to take care of!

  1. You hit the nail on life’s circumstances which lead to such problems.
    Recently, I read about deep brain stimulation approach proposed by University of Minnesota researchers
    Been following 4 work day movement from UK. Another post by George Monbiot
    So its going to be multi-disciplinary efforts to solve mental health issue. It should not be treated as mere medical issue!


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