10 Marketing Trends that would enhance customers experience!

Brands has now decided to provide its customers and prospects a more personalized as well as engaging experience by integrating technology. We will se advancements of usage of technology in Marketing field since Marketers now are following “quant and analysis” approach that helps them in monitoring of their performance and take some measures to improve and grow. So how technology will help these brands in accomplishing their missions? for that lets have a look at these marketing trends:

    1. Artificial Intelligence

      Companies are now adopting AI based Chatbots that could handle customer support and also provide consultation in regards to purchasing. AI based devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo are too creating a lot of engagement that acts as great assistants. Companies like Coca-Cola and Heinekenare capitalizing on AI based intelligent bots for enhancing new product development as well as product enhancement.

    2. Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality

      Company like IKEA brought an AR based app for online shoppers where in consumers can visualize how items might look in their homes. French sportswear company Lacoste launched AR based app in addition to 3D product scanning, so how it works? shoppers inside a retail store can place their foot in AR graphic area and an imprint can be viewed on the smart where in the app would customize the size of shoe that would show how it might look as well as provide essential product details. Other companies are TESCO, MTV, New York Times, Cadbury, Patron Tequila, Converse, Kate Spade. Companies that use Virtual Reality are TOMS Shoes, Patron Spirits, Marriott International, Vroom an online car retailer provides a purchasing experience of as similar as visiting a dealership, McDonalds uses Happy Goggles in Sweden that would convert a Happy Meal Box into a cardboard VR headset.

    3. Account Based Marketing (ABM)

      This concept comes up with absolute personalization where in brands/companies(specially B2B firms) provide their accounts with highly customized contents for targeting customers in more detailed manner just as Netflix suggests contents to their subscribers.

    4. Focus on “Educating Customers”

      Brands are now focusing on  educating their customers by not only sharing information regarding their products but also sharing something extra that adds value. They use community blogs, their own blogs present on their website, promoting those blogs on their social media pages, launching campaigns, events etc. For example PeeSafe a product brought by Redcliffe Hygiene is a Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray that disinfects the toilet seat and women can then use it with no worries of germs. They launched a campaign #HERPWR in association with Water Aid to create awareness among women in regards to how this product will be helpful while using public toilets/washroom to get rid of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Several Posters were placed in the Super Market (Malls), banner ads near chemist shops and also on YouTube as well as on their Facebook page. They too a blog section on their website for educating their prospects as well as customers.

    5. Experiential Marketing

      This concept leads to direct interaction with the consumers and bring the brands alive as well as engage the customers spreading word of mouth. For example Volkswagen created a concept of “Fun Theory” where in they basically wanted to have an idea in regards to people’s behaviour when it comes to some fun element added in their regular routine. Volkswagen team created a piano stairs in a subway stop in Germany right next to the escalator. Initially people hesitated but then when commuters started using the stairs they climbed the stairs creating their own tune. This resulted into 66% commuters used the piano stairs. Being an automotive company Volkswagen went beyond their industry to basically create an emotion i.e. fun element and created a positive brand association. Here is the link of this wonder experiential marketing video: https://youtu.be/SByymar3bds

    6. Influential Marketing

      Companies are now focusing on influencers that plays a key role in promoting their brands. L’Oréal is using bloggers as well as vloggers to spread their brand message. In fact Lakme are using few key influential models/actors in the form of tutorials to promote their products. Here is the link of one of Lakme make up tutorial: https://youtu.be/24inrpS52GU

    7. User Generated Content

      Customers expect authenticity from brands and to achieve this companies are integrating UGC in their websites as well as social media pages to achieve customer’s trusts. Companies like buffer, Aerie, Wayfair, IBM, Netflix and many more.

    8. Voice Search

      It is easier for the customers to interact with them using voice search rather than typically typing. For example Companies like Campbell collaborated with Amazon Echo where in Echo users can ask recipes from Campbell’s Kitchen, Domino’s also collaborated with Amazon Echo where in Echo users can place order with Domino’s.

    9. Predictive Lead Scoring

      Brands are now using tools like Infer Crawl can identify prospects and can convert into leads. Companies like Oracle, Netflix, Facebook are using Predictive analytics.

    10. Live Events

      Companies are also investing in live events that create engagements and brands can market themselves in a very effective manner. Companies like Google, Airbnb, Nvidia  and more organize live events that catches many customers as well as prospects attention.

So these were the trends that the Companies/Brands are following to stay ahead and provide their customers great experience of interaction, connect as well as transaction.

Thank you for investing your time. See you soon with a new blog!

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