The Art of Story-Telling in Content Marketing!

We all know that “Content” plays a significant role during promotion of a brand , movies, product, company, event and more. In simple terms, how a song now needs a rapper for their songs to top the charts of trending songs in similar context content acts as a rap for promotion. Well we have understood the importance of content but in this cloud of so many contents, where every second a new content pops up in the feeds of user’s social media accounts and with the decrement in the average time spent on each content and people scrolling down through the content in their news feed, it is very difficult to grab attention of the users until and unless it is eye-catchy and compels a user to understand the logic behind it and that actually narrates a story through a visual content! No doubt that a moving object grabs attention however a visual content that is story based forces a user to spend at least few seconds on that content and one of the best example for that is National Geographic’s Post “Planet or Plastic” broke the internet by not only seeking attention but also increasing user time spent on that content. They recorded that the average time spent on that post was 8secs which was exceptional and did so well as compared to other contents.

Let me share few interesting Instagram Posts of National Geographic:


This is the post from National Geographic that was posted in the memory of “KoKo” the Gorilla who was the only animal that knew complete sign language. One can see that National Geographic is not shy of giving long descriptions in the caption of this post that reflect details about this post as well as the purpose of the post.


Here is another post that shows how polar bear is facing trouble due to human generated worse environmental condition. This post shows a big concern towards bad climatic change as well as creating awareness in regards to the same.


Now this post comes under their campaign “Planet or Plastic” that bring up a big concern in regards to plastic pollution that are actually polluting every part of earth right from marine to air pollution. Here is a magazine cover from National Geographic that comes under same campaign:


This cover gave an eye opening message of selecting either your planet or plastic. This cover went so viral and this resulted into gaining appreciation as well as views, likes and shares.

Takeaways from National Geographic:

  1. National Geographic have always shown itself as a Human as well as Environment inclined digital and satellite television network.
  2. Always focused on Emotional Connect, awareness, shocking, fun, concern.
  3. Always draw attention by posting visual content like high quality images as well as videos. They even allowed photographers to independently post pictures of their work. They have clear goals of spreading meaningful messages in the story form along with detailed descriptions of their post.

Another amazing example of story telling is of Red bull who proved their tagline “Redbull gives you wings” by launching campaign “RedbullStratos“! Let us see few Instagram post from them during this launch and working on campaign:


Let me also share its video link for you to have a look at the video:

This mission was launched in 2012 and is still gaining a lot of appreciation in regards to narrating their brand story as well as whatever they say, they mean it. They were not shy to show up behind the scenes content which showed the level of hard work they did to make this mission successful. Livestreaming their mission on YouTube that attracted over 8 million viewers.  Viewers were anxious that what will happen next and waiting for Felix Baumgartner’s jump which was exceptional.

Takeaways from Red bull:

  1. Their story increased viewers “Curiosity” that attracted this amount of viewers.
  2. Livestreaming a good step where in people can comment regarding what their views are, this implies “Engagement” which is very much important in content marketing.
  3. People passionate with astronomy got a gift in regards to study this space diving project.
  4. Be bold and shock people with your content that would lead to maximum engagement.

Now the third example would surely make you laugh since this is an example of movie marketing and promotion where in content is very much important and the movie was “Deadpool 2“. I am sure you must be aware to what level Deadpool did their promotion, using cue cards, visual posters, videos, Ryan Reynolds in a Deadpool suite answered few questions that were asked in google search and that created a lot of engagement apart from that he did few short videos whose link I will be sharing. So lets see few Instagram pictures of Deadpool 2:

Here is a video link of Deadpool 2 promotion:


Such contents create interests and engagement which is the main purpose of visual content and when it is story based then it involves people in the content. Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 1 narrates his story and experience of how he became Deadpool which was quite an interesting as well as funny story that indulge people to watch another volume of the same. This was an exceptional marketing done by Deadpool team with rich content.

Takeaways from Deadpool:

  1. Create content which is relative, funny and interest.
  2. The way story is narrated should be engaging, for example Ryan Reynolds narrated his story as if he was narrating it to his friends which actually created interest and people could connect with it easily.
  3. Language too plays a key role and Ryan nailed it in that section too.

So what aspects are important in story-telling in content marketing:

  1. Identify your audience
  2. Create content that is engaging, there must be either emotional connect, surprising, shocking, funny, action, thoughtful and more
  3. A moral is important and a part of story should be left for audience to think about and later on they can discuss with people of same community
  4. Content should be rich that creates curiosity, excitement, motivation and mind-changing
  5. Visual contents should consists of high quality image, videos, gifs etc.

So lets hope that we get see such story based contents that keeps up involved and engaged! Thank you for taking out time to read my blog. See you next time with a new blog. See you soon!




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