Yoga On Travel-A Wonderful Combination!

Travel takes us to a different world. We get busy in watching beautiful scenic view, capturing it for memories and have that wishful thinking of staying there forever and never come back. Travel not only rejuvenate us but also gives us different lessons and experiences. And what if we add a healthy medicine to it like Yoga. It would make our journey more healthy, enjoyable and active.

marvin-meyer-672583-unsplash (1)

People are agreeing to this concept and Yogis as well as people performing Yoga are not missing their Fitness Mantra even on travel. In fact, they say that performing yoga while on travel makes them feel active, fit and they do not feel fatigue.

Let’s check out the benefits of Yoga On Travel:

  1. Relieves you from back pain and any other pain in your body: After the travel or while travelling, people generally have aches due to continuous travel, jerks because of some rough road and due to some other reasons.
  2. Reduces stiffness in your body: Continuous travel makes your body little inflexible as well as stiff.
  3. Relaxes your mind and body: It will help you relieve all the stress, tiredness from your body and relaxes your mind and body and also makes you ready for further journey. It makes you alert and energize your mind and body. You can enjoy and feel the nature in a more deeper way.
  4. Different places have different effect on body as well as achieve different and positive results.

So let me help you with some tips that won’t let you forget yoga even while you are on travel:


  1. Carry your Yoga Mat: It is little inconvenient to carry however it acts as a reminder for you to perform yoga.
  2. Set a reminder in your phone or smart watch: You can set a reminder for performing yoga according to your schedule of travel.
  3. Carry sweat-free clothes: This will help you feel comfortable while performing yoga as well as it would help avoid the sweat stink that get stick to the clothes.
  4. Place to perform yoga: You can perform yoga after reaching your hotel, resort, camp tent. You can ask a receptionist for a quiet place or any localities over there, where you can perform yoga with nature, feel every breath of yours and perform various Asanas. You can also perform yoga if your hotel or resort has some quiet place like a small garden or a hall specifically designed for yoga.
  5. Search for a place if you are on continuous travel: You can take a pause and see for a place where in you can perform yoga and asanas properly.

I will come up with more information and detail regarding the same and also with the places where you can find peace and can perform yoga. I hope you found my blog informative. See you soon with my next blog. Thank you!

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