Stay at Saputara

This is a short blog regarding stay at Saputara. These are the hotels where you can enjoy your stay and have a relaxing time in Saputara.

  1. Hotel Lakeview: One of the most amazing hotel with exquisite ambience along with its famous “Sugar And Spice” Restaurant that gives you delicious food and beverages. You can have a lake view right through the window of your room. Also the room service as well as SOP(Standard Operating Procedures) is very consistent. If you are planning to visit Saputara then keep hotel Lakeview as your first preference of stay. hotel-lake-view
  2. Aakar Lords Inn: Another wonderful hotel to stay where you will find a beautiful lawn, gym, space for indoor games, spas. Spacious room along with lake view from window. Delicious food, good room service and they also help you with the taxi service. The first moment of truth in Aakar Lords Inn is actually convincing for a traveller to stay in there. However it is more ideal for the family.
  3. Patang Lords Eco Inn: A nice hotel equivalent to Aakar Lords Inn. Its more near to market place. slider1
  4. Shilpi Hill Resort: It is near Hotel Lakeview. Nice hotel to stay in after Patang Lords Inn. Tasty food along with good room service as well as spacious rooms. ShilpiHillResort_a140
  5. Hotel Sejal Inn: Near Hotel Lakeview. You can witness lake view from your room. In fact, during Paragliding you actually fly from the top of the Hotel and you can have top view of the hotel. hotel-sejal-inn
  6. Anando Hotel: It is very near to Saputara. You can stay in here for two days but not more than that. You can have Range view from the hotel. All the points are near to this hotel. anandoHotelsaputara.jpg
  7. Club Mahindra: Wonderful hotel in Hatgard, Saputara-Nashik Road and opposite to lake. Spacious and beautiful rooms and one can visit few places in Hatgard too like the Hatgard fort. 83186777
  8. White Feather Toran Resort: It is situated near Jain Temple and on the way to Dangling Paragliding training academy. All the points are very near to this hotel and travellers can stay for two days. Outdoor_Area_0meUJu

These are the best hotels where you can find good services. Hope this blog will help you out regarding your stay in Saputara. I wish you all happy journey and happy stay! See you next time with a new blog. Thank you!

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