Digital Yoga

Hello People! I am here today with a new concept known as “Digital Yoga”. You must be thinking that we have heard about Yoga and its variants but now what is digital yoga? The answer is simple: Digital+Yoga i.e. Digital: Watching Video and Yoga: Performing Yoga according to the video! So in short Digital Yoga is nothing but Performing Yoga or doing Yoga according to the instructions provided in the video.


Today we have so many contents in relation to yoga. People experts in Yoga or Yoga trainers are now putting up their video for the convenience of the people who are health conscious or turning into one. Yoga improves your metabolism, stamina, increases your flexibility, helps in weight loss, to get toned, increase strength, Asaans helps improves your patience as well as you stay fit with it.


People actually gets results when they perform it sincerely and dedicatedly. However it is not easy to take out time to attend Yoga Classes or sometimes the time doesn’t suit you because of work. So here is a wonderful solution for you i.e. you can get guidance from the various videos uploaded by Yoga Trainers. You can find a lot of videos on YouTube as well as blogs are available to guide you and the best part is you can perform yoga along with them and share your result with them. You can contact them in case of any doubts, post comments if you want to advice them or ask them for various different videos. In fact, The trainers come up with various challenges like 7 days Challenges, 2 Weeks Challenges. They come up with few meal guiding videos, Flexibility improvement videos etc. The best part about Digital Yoga is that you don’t need to invest anything apart from internet, all you need is a Yoga Mat, Internet, Laptop and the most important thing is your time. You can perform Yoga according to your convenient time and specially when you have ample amount of time.


Yoga certainly improves your health in every way, the breath in and breath out exercises improves your blood circulation and also helps reaching oxygen to the brain in exact amounts.

I can share few yoga videos that can help you start yoga and later add it to your routine. I will be back with the next blog related to Digital Yoga that will be in more detail.

Here are few Video Links for Yoga:

  1. Yoga with Adriene( For Beginners):
  2. Yoga with Kassandra(For Intermediates):
  3. The Impossible|Ashtanga Yoga Demo By Laruga Glaser( For Experts):

Thank you for joining me, see you next time!

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