Hey Guys! I am back with another blog in regards to Robot, however this time its “ChatBot”. So what do you think what Chatbot is? A talking Robot? The answer to your question is “Chatbot” is a software program that interacts with people on a real time basis. Chatbot is used generally by various businesses and maximum time is used by B2C business to provide customers an enhanced experience. So let’s get in detail right from the start of Chatbot. There are several names to Chatbot like Chatterbots, Talkbots, Interactive Agent, Bot and so on. It interacts with either textual or auditory method. It’s program is being designed to create a simulating environment where in a person believes that the conversing partner is a human however it is actually a bot and also to pass Turing Test. So some of the bots works on Natural language processing systems, few works on pattern matching regarding chats, some on simply scanning the keywords from the inputs to come up with an answer from its database.

Chatbots are either Virtual Assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Messaging apps like WeChat, Facebook Messenger, or through tools like Chatfuel, Botsify etc.  How Chatbots can be categorized as Customer Support, Shopping, E-Commerce, Marketing, Analytics, Communication, News,Social, Entertainment, Education,Travel etc. Websites like use Chatbots for interactivity and immediate communication.


1944: Michael Mauldin Who was the creator of Verbot(Verbal Bot) named Julia coined the term “ChatterBot”.

1950: Alan Turing’s Article “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” was published and now known as “Turing Test” that became a criteria of Intelligence. Every Bot have to pass Turing Test as a criteria of Intelligence.

1966: ELIZA Chatterbot developed by Joseph Weizenbaum at the MIT AI Laboratory based on natural language processing. ELIZA simulated a conversation based on “Pattern Matching” also interaction was based on directives and scripts written in “MAD-Slip” that helped ELIZA engage in a conversation according to the rules provided in the script.


1972: PARRY written by Kenneth Colby at Stanford University. It attempted to simulate a conversation with a paranoid schizophrenia patient. It basically judged a person with paranoid schizophrenia based on Concepts, beliefs etc. It used crude model for understanding their behaviour.

1988: ALICE(Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) originally developed by Richard Wallace in 1995 however it was rewritten in Java in 1988. Java uses program D, the program uses XML Schema known as AIML(Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). It won Loebner Award as one of the strongest program for three times i.e. year 2000,2001 and 2004. However couldn’t pass the Turing Test due to its mechanistic approach of short conversation.

1997: Jabberwacky created by British programmer Rollo Carpenter aimed at creating a Chatterbot made the conversation entertaining, humorous and interesting. Jabberwacky passed the Turing Test and also won Loebner Award in 2003 in the third place. An alternative bot known as Cleverbot (Web Application Based) Chatbot was also created by Rollo Carpenter.

2001:Eugene Goostman a Chatbot developed in Saint Petersberg by three programmers two Russian born Vladamir Veselov and Sergey Ulasen and another Ukraine born Eugene Demchenko.This bot passed Turing Test to imitate exactly like a human in fact, it posed as a 13 year old Ukraine boy apologized to human with whom it interacted for its grammatical mistakes as well as lack of general knowledge. It won Loebner Award in 2005 and 2008.

2002: SimSimi Articial Intelligence based bot created by ISMaker. Works on Web, Android, Windows, IOS and designed on for these operating system. Known for its controversy responses containing profanity and criticism of political leaders.


And the Development of bot continued and then Apple came up with a bot in 2011 known as Siri. It is a virtual assistant of Apple Inc.’s IOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS operating system. It uses voice queries and natural language user interface to answer questions, perform actions and make recommendations.

Apple Inc.’s Siri

Amazon Alexa released in 2014 is a virtual assistant used in Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo dot smart speakers developed by Amazon Lab126. It is capable of voice interaction, to-do lists, setting alarms, play music, streaming podcasts etc. It can also control other smart devices using home automation system.

Amazon Echo

Another comes Google Assistant developed by Google, which is a virtual assistant based on Artificial Intelligence released in 2016 along with messaging app Allo and voice activated speaker Google Home. It interacts using natural voice and also support keyboard input.

Google Home


Now for various messaging apps Chatfuel, Botsify, Snatchbot, Smooch, wechat etc are the best messaging app that you can use for your social media handle and websites. They are all Artificial intelligence based bots.

So guys, this is all for today. Kindly check my next blog on messaging app Chatbot. Thank you for your time. See you with the next blog!





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