Humanoid Robots

Humanoid Robots can talk, guide, run, dance, sing. It will be an amazing assistant of yours as well as a friend.

So Let’s have a look at some of these humanoid robots:

  1. Mark 1: In September 2014, Ricky Ma, Hong Kong based graphic designer build a replica of Female actor Scarlett Johansson, had the ability to emote facial expression. It was build in 18 months. Johansson winks and says “Thank you” if anyone tells her that you are beautiful. For further information, check out their website:


You can also check out its video shot by CNN. Here is the link:

2. ROMEO: ROMEO was build by France and European Commission(2009-2016). So lets see what are its specifications: 1.40m tall and weighed 40kg. Its main forte was Emotional hand holding. It can hug humans, listen to their problems and provide therapy accordingly. For further information, check out their website:


You can have a look at the Romeo project presentation. Here is the link:

3. ASIMO: This can be a wonderful companion that can entertain you, converse at ease developed by Honda weighs around 48kg and 1.3m tall. It can even beat Usain bolt if have to run on the flat, it can move with a speed of 9Km/hr. For further information, check out their website:


Have a look at the video link:

4. KIROBO MINI: KIROBO MINI was developed Toyota for hundreds and thousands of woman in Japan who are childless. The print sized robot is endearing and compact. For further information, check out their website:


You can also watch the promotional video of KIROBO MINI:

5. ROBEAR: Caregiving Robot that can lift up people who have mobility issues, however it is in the R&D phase and is not under commercial use.


Lets have a look at the video of ROBEAR:

6. PEPPER: It is developed by Aldebaran Robotics and Softbank is a socially-intelligent humanoid robot that can read and respond to the human emotions. It is 4ft tall and for more information on PEPPER, check out Softbank’s website:


Check out its video with the help of this link:

7. JIBO: JIBO uses machine learning, speech and facial recognition, natural processing to learn from its interactions as well as serve as a companion. It is 11 inch tall and developed by an international team of scientists at MIT. For further information, you can check out its website:


You can also watch the demo:

8. PARO: An advanced interactive robot developed by AIST in Japan to administer animal therapy to the patients who are in the environment such as hospitals or other extended care facilities. PARO has five kinds of sensors: tactile, light, audience, temperature and posture sensors to perceive people and its environment. For further information, check out their website:

You can also watch the video of PARO:

9. BUDDY: Developed by Blue Frog Robotics, made out French outfit that protects your home, offers assistance in the kitchen, entertains the family with music and videos, acts as alarm, calendar and interfaces with popular smart phone solutions and many more. For further information, check out their website:


You can also watch its fun video:

10. SOFIA: Developed by Hanson Robotics is a genius machine that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to interact with the people and has now become a social and cultural icon who met bankers, investors, auto manufacturing, property development and media and entertainment people. She was also a panel member of high-level conference where she explained regarding future of artificial intelligence and robotics. For further information, check their website out:


You can also watch her latest video from CNET:

The advancements in the robotic industry is at very fast pace and soon will be seeing more humanoid robots. I hope that you found this blog informative. Thank you for sparing time to read my blog. I will be keep sharing more blogs on robots and technology. See you soon!



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