Saputara- A Land of Lake, Hills and Beautiful Gardens


Saputara is one of the beautiful gem of Gujarat situated on the Maharashtra-Gujarat border and comes under Dang District. It is a mixture of hills, lakes, gardens, points, national park and adventure spot.

Let’s take a look at its history, according to mythological belief Lord Ram spent 11 years in exile in Saputara therefore its been considered as one of god’s place of existence. Saputara implies “Abodes of Snakes”, in fact the road that leads to Saputara is too like Snaky it resembles snakes. It was found in 1960 when Maharashtra and Gujarat were separated and Bombay was considered to be the part of Maharashtra and Saputara in Gujarat.

Saputara consists of wonderful scenic views, waterfalls and it is very famous in the cult of adventurers since “Paragliding” takes place in there. The best time to visit Saputara is during monsoons, you get to see amazing waterfalls, wonderful water flow in lakes and the view of collaboration of clouds and ranges that will make you fall in love with this small town hill station. However even if you visit during off seasons you ought to enjoy the pleasant weather over there.

Image: Way to Saputara from Nashik

Saputara is culture enriched. The artists and the people has restored their artifacts, ancient weapons used by the tribes and that can be seen in the museum in Saputara.

Tourists Attraction in Saputara



Step Garden

step-garden Developed based on steps, consists of fine wooden work, plants, window boxes situated 1.4km from Saputara on the Table land Road.

Lake Garden


Situated near Saputara Lake. This looks like a picnic spot however you can enjoy with your family. No entry fee required.

Rose Garden


Rose Garden is another tourist attraction and a picnic spot. The best time to visit Rose garden is in the evening and during spring season.


Echo Point


Echo point is 3km away from Saputara. It is situated in Matheran and trekkers would definitely going to enjoy the trek.

Sunset Point

You can visit Sunset Point through two modes: 1) Through Rope way 2) Through Trekking from Echo Point. You can have beautiful scenic view of the hills as well as sunset.

Sunrise Point


Sunrise point is also known as Valley View Point from which tourists experience nature’s most beautiful scenic view as well as valley view. The modes of reaching this point is through trekking or rope way. Sometimes it is considered that Sunset and Sunrise Points are actually the same or one.

Saputara Museum

This museum is a mirror image of the tribe of the Dang district. This museum depicts their culture, lifestyles, wardrobes, heritage, values. However you won’t see that people living in Dang district wearing the same costume but they do follow their traditions during festivals like Holi. You will also find musical instruments, weapons, utensils etc.

Saptashrungi Devi Mandir


Situated in Vani, 35km away from Saputara. Saptashrungi implies “Mountain with 7 pinnacles”, it is at a height of 1230m above sea level. Mode to reach this temple is through stairs and another mode is ropeway. It is believed that the icon of Goddess Kali’s sister self-showed herself on the stone that was attached to the mountain. One belief  is that she is the slayer of Demon Mahishasur. Many devotees visit this temple during Navratra.

Nageshwar Mahadev Temple


It is considered that the shrine of Lord Shiva(Prime Deity) is placed in an underground chamber in one of his 12 Jyothirlingas situated on the southern tip of Saputara Lake and found in the centre of Bet Dwarka and Dwarka islands near Saputara. During Shivratri, this temple is decorated and devotees are allowed to offer their prayers.

Pandava Caves

Also known as Aravalem Caves. It is set at a very challenging terrain and believed that Pandavas during their exile stayed in these caves and offered prayers to Lord Shiva.

Paragliding Activity in Saputara


Saputara is one of the famous hill station where you can experience Paragliding and enjoy the breath taking view. There are around 3-4 paragliding training centres that offers paragliding as an adventurous sport. If you a beginner then you will be allotted with a pilot and if an intermediate or expert then you can ride solo. In fact paragliding festival is organized for 26 days from December to January.

Vansda National Park

Vansda National Park comes under Dang Village, 40km away from Saputara. This park is expanded around 23.99sq km and consists of deciduous trees. It carries 443 species, out of which most of them is leopards, different kind of reptiles, sambhars etc. South Dang forest department maintains this forest. The best time to visit is from October to March.

So where to stay in Saputara?  Well for that check out my next blog! Thank you!



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