Pattaya- A place to Relax, Pamper and Create Memories


Pattaya is known as the resort city in Thailand situated on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand and about 100 kilometres south-east of Bangkok. Its history depicts that it was a fishing village until 1960. It gained its name from “the march of Phraya Tak (Later King Taksin) and his army Ayutthaya to ChantthaPuri. During Vietnam war, Americans servicemen stayed in U-Tapao in Thailand and then began visiting Pattaya. Soon 500 American soldiers in 1959, stationed at Korat that lead to Pattaya. They stayed there for a week to rest and relax, rented appartments, independent houses and through word of mouth Pattaya became the land of relaxation.
Pattaya is not only for relaxation but also known for its Buddhist Culture, floating markets, massage parlours, scenic views, adventure spots, wonderful beaches and many more. It is also famous for its Thai Cuisine, Malls.


Places to Visit and Adventurous Spots


The Sanctuary of Truth:


Situated on Nakula road is a temple constructed of wood, it is 105mtrs high. Tourists attraction spot known for its extraordinary craftsmanship.

Buddha Mountain Chi:


Situated near Wihan Sian, it is on outskirts of Pattaya like 20minutes from there, 130mtrs high Khao Chee Chan known as Buddha Mountain since it consists of largest image of Buddha in the world. Another Tourist Attraction Place.

Underwater World


Situated in South Pattaya, one of the most modern ocean aquariums in Asia. Exceptional thing is that there is a Touch Pool displaying creatures found in rock pools at the coastal areas around Thailand.

Tree Top Adventure Park


Situated at Tambon Pong. Famous for adventures like Tree climbing, crossing rope bridges, ziplining etc. All the safety measures are being taken care of, so you can go ahead and explore the best of you in this adventurous spot.

 JomTein Beach


Situated at Chon Buri, Pattaya that would attract aquatic adventurers. This sandy beach offers Scuba diving, jet skiing, wind surfing, Parasailing, banana boat rides etc. You can also enjoy mouth-watering Sea food.

Massage Spas


After enjoying various water sports, its time to pamper yourself with some recommended Spa Salons. Here is the list of some famous Salons: Health Land Spa, Aisawan Spa, The Relax Spa and Massage, Oasis Spa Pattaya etc.

Other Adventurous sports that you can enjoy are Kite Surfing, Flight of Gibbon(Gliding through Rain forest), Bungee Jumping, Sky diving and many more. Also you can visit art museums, walking street to enjoy night life, Kart rides, golfing, coral island view at Koh Larn, Bira Circuit, Pattaya Dolphin World & Resort and many more.


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