Robots- Its type and Application

With the advancements in Robot generation, Robots are being categorized into various industries and have different application.These sectors are now using Robots to increase efficiency and reduce time. They too want to reduce human efforts specially on tricky works. So, let’s see what the different type of Robots are used in various sectors.

Note: This division of Robots is based on their application.

Here is the list:
1) Industrial Robots: These Robots are used in industrial sector, like in the manufacturing unit. For example, Fanuc, Kuka, Motoman, Denso etc are industrial Robots. They have been designed specifically for the application like welding, painting, material handling etc.

2) Service Robots: These are the Robots that are used for research purpose. But anytime soon they are going to seen greeting the customers, serving the customers. In fact, they will be the face of their restaurants. For example, “Robot” hotel in Chennai. Robots serve food to the customers, it is purely constructed on robotic theme.
3) Medical Robots: The history of Medical Robots takes us to 3500BC, when an Indian warrior named as Vishpala lost her leg in a battle and her injured leg was replaced by iron prosthetic leg. This was mentioned in Rigveda. Mid 1980’s saw an advancement which brought surgical robots such as robotic arms which was used in human brain surgery. Some of the examples are Neuromate, Robodoc used for surgery in hip replacement surgery. Robo Suit helps disabled people in movement. Bestic helped people with paralysis for eating. CosmoBot that aid therapy of developmentally disabled children.
4) Household/Domestic Robots: These are the Robots known specially for cleaning, dusting basically for household purpose. Robots like Vaccum Cleaners, pool cleaners, cameras for surveillance fixed at the front doors etc.
5) Military Robots and Space Robots: Military Robots can be Drones, bomb disposal Robots, transportation Robots etc. Where as Space Robots are used in International Space Station like Robonaut, RASSOR, Spidernaut, Marbees, Dextre etc all used in NASA.
6) Humanoid Robots: These are the Robots that actually have a head, two arms, two legs (Depends on the design), a torso. These are the interactive Robots that are known as family Robots or Friendly Robots that assists in basic work of home, reminding of tasks, alarm, calls, clicking pictures etc. For example, Buddy, Kirobo Mini, Pepper, Jibo, Paro etc.


Now here is the list of Robots by locomotion:


1) Stationary Robots: These are the Robots that do not move from their position. This implies that they are not mobile, their position is stationary. These Robots are categorized as:
a) Cartesian/Gantry Robots
b) Cylindrical Robots
c) Spherical Robots
d) SCARA Robots
e) Robotic Arm (Articulated Robots)
f) Parallel Robots
2) Wheeled Robots: They are mobile and can move with the help of their wheels. Its cost is pretty low. It is being categorized into various types:
a) Single Wheel Robot
b) Two-Wheeled Robot
c) Three Wheeled Robot
d) Four Wheeled Robot
e) Multi Wheeled Robot
f) Tracked Robots
3) Legged Robot: These Robots are mobile in their movement. Costlier than Wheeled Robots and works in uneven terrain. These Robots are categorized as:
a) One legged Robots
b) Two legged-Bipedal Robots
c) Three legged-Tripodal Robots
d) Four legged-Quadrupedal Robots
e) Six legged Robots (6-Legged Hexapod)
f) Robots with Many legs

4) Swimming Robots-Robot Fish: These are the Robots known as underwater Robots. Here Robots has fin like actuators that help them to swim.
5) Flying Robots: These are the Robots inspired by birds and their actuators look like wings, propellers. For example, Airplane Robots, helicopter Robots etc.
6) Swarm Robots: Has a system where in multiple Robots work in. They work in a cooperative manner in different domain. They basically operate like modules.
7) Rolling Robotic Balls: also known as Mobile Spherical Robots.
8) Modular Robots: These do not follow herd system. In fact, they are similar to Swarm Robots. Robot in the system can work alone that too in a very specific manner. They have stunning algorithms fit in that they work in a modularized manner.
9) Micro Robots: These Robots operate on micrometer resolution and have micrometer dimensions.

10) Nano Robots: As the name implies these are very small Robots in fact smaller then micro robots. They operate in nanometer resolution and have nanometer dimensions.
11) Soft Elastic Robots: These Robots have soft elastic, flexible and are inspired from earthworms. They are robots whose applications are bio specific.
12) Snake, Hybrid and Crawler Robots

So, these are the types of Robots according to the application. Hope you found this blog as informative as previous one. Thank you taking out time to read my blog. So, stay in touch for my upcoming blogs. Your feedback is of great importance, so I am looking forward for your comments. Thank you and stay healthy!

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