Artificial Intelligence-What is it and it’s significance!

We often hear this term Artificial Intelligence and try to relate with robots or human intelligence. But what exactly artificial intelligence means lets dig out deeper in this regard. Let’s break down these artificial intelligence in two parts: “Artificial” and “Intelligence”. Artificial can be pointed towards Machine and Intelligence can be pointed towards programming. Putting programming which includes all the intelligence or work i.e. Mundane work(normal work), formal task and expert task.

  • Mundane task includes ordinary work like perception, understanding, learning, behaving etc.
  • Formal task includes scientific, engineering,medical, etc.
  • Expert Task includes consultation, advice example are booking online tickets, hashtags suggestions on LinkedIn etc.

Artificial Intelligence is based on disciplines such as Philosophy, Biology, Computer Science, Psychology, Neuron Science, Sociology and Maths.

Intelligence leads to perceptions, problem solving skills, calculate, reason,memory, linguistic intelligence. However when it comes to reasoning or understanding human like situations a deep study is required which would have a lot of permutations and combinations. Humans are complex creature, understanding every human’s action and reaction as well as responses are difficult and that requires large amount of data.

But when it comes to expert system where in suggestions and solutions are brought out, it simply needs good algorithm and limited amount of data.

Artificial Intelligence is now becoming a want for people, they need assistance and advice.

Here was a short blog from my side on Artificial Intelligence. To find more out regarding AI, check out my next blog. Thank you for spending your time to read my blog. See ya!

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