About Me!

My name is Meetali Ohri. With the name suggests I am amicable, self-motivated and love meeting new people, interact with them gain knowledge from their experience, love helping people, encourage them to do the best in their life, a learner and like to do things in a different way i.e. a trend setter.

I have pursued PGDM in Marketing, I chose marketing since it does analysis in depth to understand what customers want, provide solution in a way to fulfill their needs, focus on unmet needs, get to know customer’s feedback so that organization improves in a continual manner. This not only help customers but also help organization to grow and achieve targets, profits as well as revenue. Marketing helps understand every process of organization since this field is connected with all other domains in the organization. I love to connect dots and that’s what marketing does it connects every process and domain.
Regarding my past experience, I have done two internships, one is with NGO named RespectWomen and one which was under PGDM programme in Mercedes-Benz India Pvt. Ltd. I also have experience in Modelling which was for around 2 years.
Brief Profile:
A) Modelling Experience:
1) Featured in Maxim India Magazine Feb,2015 Edition.
2) Did Concept Shoots.
3) Catalogue Shoots for two local boutiques one in Pune and another in Mumbai.
B) Internship1: Social Media Intern (RespectWomen)
C) Internship 2: Project Trainee (Mercedes-Benz India Pvt. Ltd.)

Before Modelling, I did Computer Science Engineering and learned various programming languages and now it helps me when I read any technical based article.

So let me talk about my writing passion, I love expressing through writing, enjoy writing, it refreshes me and helps me improve more and more and learn more. I love writing about travel, technology, will start writing about fashion, lifestyle, business etc. This is all about me. I hope you enjoy my blogs and find it informative. Thank you for taking out time to read my introductory blog.

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